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Ringtones and Merchandise

You can make use of all three internet sites listed in this area for various solutions due to the fact that all deal services that the others do not. Reverb Country for your digital distribution, goods sales (including ringtones, CDs, and mp3s). CD Child for your physical CD sales (including digital circulation on CD Infant plus merchants out the Reverb Nation checklist) and CD Replication. After that Bandcamp as well for physical CDs and digital downloads with the ability to hand out coupon codes and free download specials.

For example, you can use Reverb Nation for your electronic circulation, after that make use of CD Infant for physical distribution plus extra electronic circulation. Because CD Baby permits you to pick which digital merchants you desire, you can add digital circulation to your physical distribution at no added fee and add all the shops that Reverb Country doesn’t supply. If you intend to keep things even more easy and all in one place, you can do every little thing through CD Infant without having to utilize anybody else.

Band camp

Ringtones and Merchandise

When you sign up for an account on Reverb Nation you can begin offering ringtones, goods, mp3 downloads, and physical CDs right away on your own individual Reverb Shop page. It’s cost-free to the arrangement and the Spotify premium download merchandise will be created as needed when a consumer purchases it, so you will not need to save anything. You can post specific songs or CDs and offer them as ringtones and mp3 downloads. If you’ve already sent your cd to their electronic circulation program you can start selling your mp3s without needing to place in the details again.

You will get $0.50 for each ringtone marketed which is sold at $2.49. You can establish the cost for mp3 downloads for anything you desire and Reverb Country will take a flat charge of $0.30 per mp3 sold. One nice feature is that you can sell a track quickly on their site without needing to pay anything or wait a number of weeks. When you have earned $20 you can make a withdrawal and send it to your Pay Friend account.